Join IAPH 2We offer two categories of membership:


Regular members are public port authorities, government departments and agencies responsible for ports or private port companies.


Associate members are organization or individuals having an interest in a port and engaged in various port and maritime industries.


What are the membership benefits

How much does membership cost

What is the membership application process


For all questions regarding IAPH membership, do not hesitate to contact our membership director Hiro Nagai at  who will be glad to assist you.




If you register one full-paying participant for the 2021 World Ports Conference, your port temporarily joins IAPH free of charge this year!


Valid for new potential regular members only, why not sign up for the IAPH 2021 World Ports Conference this June and automatically gain free membership of IAPH until 31 December 2021! Try out your membership of IAPH to see the value it adds to your business. All it requires is for one of your employees to register as a full-paying participant at #IAPH2021. Find out all about the conference on Upon receipt of your registration and payment we will contact you to confirm your temporary 2021 membership.




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TEMPORARY MEMBERSHIP is granted to non-member ports who may need a trial period of either one year from the date of their application or until the end of the conference following the date of their application, before joining as a full-fledged Regular member. Annual membership dues payable is SDR(Special Drawing Rights)600, a sum equal to Japanese yen 89,681, USD 860, Euro 710 or British pound 649.

Temporary Members are entitled to receive all publications of the Association, as all Regular Members do, and attend an IAPH World Ports Conference, with the full privileges of Regular Members except the right to vote during the Conference.

Please apply online at   Should you require any further information, please write to


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