World Maritime News


19 September 2019


IAPH Vice President speaks in Xiamen

Representing IAPH, Masaharu SHINOHARA, Vice President for South/West, East & Middle East Region (Kobe-Osaka International Port Corporation) made a speech entitled “Efficient and Sustainable Port Operation Utilizing ICT & Disruptive Technologies” at the Silk Road Maritime International Cooperation Forum organized by China Waterborne Transport Research Institute on 7 September in Xiamen, China.


Speakers recruited from across the world included Liu Xiaoming, Chinese Vice Minister for Transport, Tim Smith, Vice President, Maersk Asia, Tan Cheng Peng, Director, Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore, who discussed the ways and means of building a multi-dimensional cooperation pattern and multilateral cooperation mechanism to continuously facilitate maritime trade , to promote connectivity, and to achieve policy coordination.


Visitors to IAPH Tokyo

Accompanied by Masaharu Shinohara, IAPH Vice President for South/West, East & Middle East Region (Kobe-Osaka International Port Corporation), John Beckett, Chair of ICHCA International and Capt. Richard Brough, Head of ICHCA International, visited the IAPH head office on 18 September and they were greeted by Secretary General Masahiko Furuichi.


They exchanged views and opinions on various industry issues, including cybersecurity that is posing a threat to the stability of port operations here and there in the world.  A join effort is now underway between IAPH and ICHCA to effectively deal with the problem.


ICHCA is one of friendly organizations with whom IAPH concluded a Memorandum of Understand (MoU) for cooperation.