Port Impact Barometer shows crew change differences

This week’s Port Economic Impact Barometer report includes for the first time information on crew change operations, in support of the global campaign to bring seafarers home. When comparing regions, European ports show the best picture in terms of the crew change situation, although 6 out of 10 European ports only recorded less than a handful of crew changes in the past week. In North America, crew changes are at a very low level and no crew changes have taken place in the responding ports from Central and South America. On the general indicators, the report shows that while cargo vessels beyond containerships increasingly arrive at the same numbers as the year before, the container trades continue to suffer from blank sailings. Ultra large container ships (ULCS) calls are less frequent in numbers but are filled up with more cargo. This is creating peaks in both ship-to-ship operations and yard activity at the terminals and is starting to impact land-side operations, especially on truck arrivals and departures. The workforce in some ports are under increasing pressure as these peaks impact resource on some days, followed by several days off duty with no activity at all.
We encourage your port to join the last Port Economic Impact survey in the present format, which will be issued Monday 13 July. We are currently discussing the set-up of a new and more permanent barometer concept, which will focus more broadly on resilience and will also take in external data.

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