Report on impact automated vehicles published

cover_autonomous-vehicle-PPDC-2019IAPH Port Planning and Development Committee published a report “Autonomous Vehicles’ Impact on Port Infrastructure Requirements ” which analyses the impact of autonomous vehicles on port infrastructure requirements. The study was carried out by Frauenhofer Centre for Maritime Logistics and Services and was supported by Hamburg Port Authority. Based on numerous interviews with representatives of innovative projects, the extensive knowledge of the involved researchers and professionals as well as in depth desk research, the report provides a a comprehensive view on how autonomous vehicles will be deployed in various transport modes. The report outlines the impact these developments will have on ports and how ports should prepare for the arrival of automated or autonomous vehicles. The report also investigates the infrastructural requirements and the knowledge ports need to have in order to successfully meet the challenges. Finally, the report sets out how ports can play a role in the development and setup of surroundings for autonomous vehicles.
The report is available from the Port Planning and Development Committee room.

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