Welcome to New Members

We are pleased to announce new members of the Association!


Saab Technologies Ltd.

Address: 300 – 3500 Gilmore Way, Burnaby BC, V5G 4W7, Canada
Telephone: +1-604 689 7117
Fax: +1-604 689 7117
Website: http://saab.com/maritime
Representative: David Dagert, Director Business Development
Nature of Business Activities: Supplier of Port Management Information Systems and Terminal Operating Systems




Address: Wijnhaven 3E, 3011 WG Rotterdam, P.O. BOX 601, 3000 AP Rotterdam, Netherlands

Telephone: +31-10 286 5940
Website: http://mtbs.nl
Representative: Paul van Eulem, Director
Nature of Business Activities: International finance and strategy advisory firm, offering entrepreneurial business solutions to clients in the maritime and transport sector