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Here’s why you should join the upcoming LNG working group meeting:

You may already have noticed that the adoption of LNG as a marine fuel is without doubt becoming a reality. Not only has the IMO decided to install the global sulphur cap at 2020, which drives the market towards alternative low sulphur fuels – also, the first large orders of LNG fueled carriers in the container sector are convincing shipping companies that LNG is happening right now!

The International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH) wishes to enable bunkering of LNG in its member ports. Already in 2014, IAPH published the LNG bunker checklists, which have since risen to the status of global standards. Also, the website www.lngbunkering.org has provided ports, shipping companies, governmental agencies and the public with valuable information about LNG for a couple of years now.


Now the IAPH working group on LNG fueled vessels has commenced working on accreditation. A group of enthusiasts from the Ports of Amsterdam, Antwerp, Bremen, Rotterdam and Zeebrugge has drafted a system for the accreditation of LNG bunkering companies. What’s in it for you? Any IAPH port can license a bunkering company in their area, based on an equal system and auditing tool. No need for the individual ports to go through the entire audit process. Same story for the LNG bunkering company. Sounds like a win-win, right?



Here’s how to express your intention to participate:

Just send an e-mail to peter.alkema@portamsterdam.nl and you will receive further practical information as soon as possible. 


Future LNG Working group events:

  • LNG working group: 7-8 February 2018, Zeebrugge (Agenda)
  • Industry reference on accreditation: March 2018, Amsterdam 
  • LNG working group: April 2018, Antwerp, Belgium (Agenda)
  • IAPH World Ports Conference: 8-11 May 2018, Baku, Azerbaijan
  • LNG Working Group: Summer 2018, Bremen, Germany


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