IAPH World Ports Conference, 1-5 June 2015, Hamburg, Germany

Speakers’ Presentations

Tuesday, 2 June 2015
  Gerd Leonhard
The digital Transformation of Business and Society, and its Impact on the Shipping, Ports and maritime Industries by 2030
  Marco Lippuner
The Importance of smartPORTs in global Competition – Challenges and Solutions
  Peter Hinchliffe
What are the Threats and Opportunities for international Shipping in the Future?
  Christian Growitsch
The global Economy at the Crossroads – recent Developments and Perspectives
  Jost Bergmann
The Evolution of Containership Sizes and its Impact on the Industry
  Olaf Merk
Mega-ships: still for the common good?
  Capt. Salvatore Cafiero
When a Mega Carrier enters the Port: Experiences of a Sea Captain
  Jörg Pollmann
Traffic Control: Challenges and Solutions regarding the Navigation of Mega-Ships on the River Elbe and in the Port of Hamburg
  Benjamin Lai
Challenges and Solutions dealing with large Container Vessels – the Perspective of a Terminal Operator
Wednesday, 3 June 2015
  Volker Worthmann
IT is ready for smart Solutions
  Wim Elfrink
Why do Ports have to become smart?
  Jens Meier
smartPORT Hamburg – “How to dress for Success?”
  Patrick Bol
An Arabian Perspective on Industry Trends: A View from the Bridge of DP World
  Michael Pal
What can a Port do to effectively manage landside Congestion – Truck Marshalling Automation and Key Performance Indicator Control as a Solution
  José García de la Guía
smartPORT Valencia – Challenges, Solutions and Visions
  Monika Breuch-Moritz
International environmental Standards at Sea – Development, Implementation and Monitoring. Consequences and future Developments
  Henning Kinkhorst
How even minor Changes can increase Energy Efficiency significantly
  Gun Rudeberg
smartPORT – What does it mean for Ports of Stockholm?
  Lutz Birke
smartPORT energy – Experiences of the Port of Hamburg
  Dipl.-Ing. Robert Howe
Global Transport needs sustainable Ports – LNG as Part of Greenports
Thursday, 4 June 2015
  Douglas Ward
Cruise Ships and Ports: Now and Future Trends
  CHA Min-sik
Starting to grow: Cruise Tourism as a complementary Business Field in Busan
  Roberto Perocchio
Managing the Growth of turnaround Cruise Operations in sensible Surroundings
  Michael Ungerer
Development of the Cruise Shipping Industry in the Port of Hamburg
  Bo Larsen
Smart Terminals – smartPORTs: What can Ports contribute to a dynamic Cruise Industry?
  Alexander Porschke
Clean Air in Ports – Potential for Improving Air Quality
  Johan Röstin
Clean Air Solutions in the Ports of Copenhagen and Malmö
  Gene Seroka
Clean Air 2.0
  Christine Loh
Hong Kong’s Action to Clean Up Maritime Emission
  Michael Shewchuk
What is the Role and History of the United Nations for the maritime Industry?
  Frans van Zoelen
Law as Location Factor and a “Hanseatic League” for swift and reliable international Dispute Resolution
  Dr Christoph Hasche
Litigation and Arbitration on site – a location Factor in global Competition
  Marcus John
smartPORTS need smart Insurances
  Dr Maria Carolina Romero
Impact of new female recruits at the World Maritime University
  Dr. Phantian Zuesongdham
Diversity – Don’t talk, live it!
  Dato’ Capt. David Padman
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