IAPH Conference and Meetings



5-11 May  IAPH World Ports Conference Guangzhou, China


26 Nov IAPH Regional Meeting (Asia, South/West East and Middle East Region) Kobe, Japan
  17-19 Sep IAPH Africa Regional Meeting-Maiden IAPH Africa Conference   Abuja,Nigeria
  27-28 June

IAPH LNG Working Group

Bremerhaven, Germany

  8-11   May Mid-term Conference    Baku, Azerbaijan

18-19 Apr 

IAPH Working Group on LNG Fueled Vessels 

Antwerp, Belgium

  22-23 Mar

WPSP launching event  

Antwerp, Belgium

7 – 8  Feb 

LNG working group meeting

Draft Agenda


Brugge, Belgium
2017 7-12  May  30th IAPH World Ports Conference Bali, Indonesia