IAPH scholarships and awards


Over the past three decades, IAPH has offered assistance to the needs of its member ports in developing countries in the context of international port development  cooperation.  Started  in 1975, IAPH Training Scholarship Program has enabled more than 100 people from IAPH developing member ports to receive advanced port training programs overseas.

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Similarly, IAPH Essay Contest, started in 1978, has encouraged personnel employed at our member ports in developing countries to look into port efficiency and productivity for the benefit of their own ports. This biennial award contest is known as the Akiyama Award named after the late Mr. Toru Akiyama, one of the founding  fathers of IAPH.


For any IAPH member both in developing and developed countries, Bali Open Award 2017 is available as part of the IAPH essay contest.

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In addition to human resources development, the IAPH Information Technology (IT) Award has, since 1994, been presented biennially to demonstrate its commitment and leadership in promoting the use of IT in ports by organizing a biennial contest for the membership to compete for excellence in IT application in a port.


Furthermore, since 2013, two new award categories, “Communications” and “ Environment” have been newly added to the award program, allowing IAPH member ports to compete for excellence respectively in public relations/corporate communications and in environmental management, protection or sustainability.



● Winning entries for IAPH Awards 2017

IAPH Press Release “At 30TH IAPH World Ports Conference in Bali, Ten IAPH Members Were Recognized For Their Excellence In Port Management And Operations