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Journal Ports & Harbors – 2020 (Vol. 65)



■All on board

Advantages of a diverse workforce

■Adani acquisition

Krishnapatnam port changes hands

■On the up

Middle Eastern ports push for business


■Control from abroad

The impact of offshoring jobs

■Friendly push

Ports make data sharing popular

■Safe to proceed

Unexploded ordnance cleared in ports



■Changing workforce

The human cost of automated ports

■Be prepared

Adapting to security threats

■Costly transfer

Transhipping cost hurt India’s export

Cover_OFC_PH_2007 (002) July/ August

■Diverse and desirable

Ports generate new revenue streams

■Smooth operation

Digital twins expose risk areas in ports

■Competitive climate

The race is on to build ports in the Arctic



■Profitable action
Carbon capture as a business model

■Where it’s at
COVID-19 accelerates container tracking

■Connecting a continent
Africa needs port community systems




Journal Ports & Harbors – 2019 (Vol. 64)


PH_Cover_1901 January/February

■Modern Africa

Examining port technology

■Automation ambitions

Unraveling issues around automation

■Renewed reputation

Targeting the renewables sector

PH_Cover_1903 March/April

■Asia expansion

The race is on to meet demand

■Brexit confusion

Ports brace for disruption

■Greening Barcelona

Natural gas leads the way



■Slow but steady
Europe’s ports chalk up modest growth
Ports prepare to deal with wastewater
■Port equipment
Automation will bring fresh problems



■Growth spurt
North American volumes have jumped
■Designing the future
Simulators have transformed port design
■Georgian giant
A vast new Black Sea port is taking shape


■Compliance conflicts
Ports must enforce 2020 emission rules
■Offshore ambitions
Taichung aims to be renewables hub
■Lashing legislation
Calls for tighter box lashing rules


■Slow steam ahead
Bulker operator says it’s a win-win all round
■Public and private
Holistic approach for smart port cities
■India’s efficiency
Technology drives port productivity



Journal Ports & Harbors – 2018 (Vol. 63)

PH_Cover_1801 January/February

■Facilitating free trade

Baku fired up to be Eurasian hub network

■Smoother operator

Single window for port-ship interaction

■Rubbish roundup

Baltimore’s personable trash gathers


■Credit where it’s due

The case for emissions reduction incentives
■Stakeholder buy-in

A recipe for successful single windows
■Capacity uplift
India prepares for consumer spending growth



■Olympic dreams
Japan prepares for more cruise visitors
■EU tackles port waste
Proposals meet industry criticism
■California greening
Port powers up for all-electric future


■Data-driven decisions
The case for business in Africa
■Blending power
Biofuel’s place in shipping’s bunker mix
■Debt debate
Belting up for Chinese capital



■Boxes’ weighty problem
Laws needed to enforce container safety
■Beyond the hype
Port hopes for Hyperloop cargo moves
■Long-sighted view
Drones buzz in for 3D inspection



■Managing traffic
Ports in position for ‘Pronto’ turnarounds
■Enabling access
Seafarers’Trust shores up downtime
■Poised to reduce noise
Projects to protect communities and wildlife





Journal Ports & Harbors – 2017 (Vol. 62)

P&H_cover_1701 January/February

■Tapping Trump’s trillion
AAPA puts forward ports’ perspective
■LNG’s long-term outlook
Partnerships are key to building network
■Robot roll-out
Melbourne’s fully automated terminal opens

P&H_1703  March/April

■Make in India

Modi welcomes investment
■Middle East competition

Saudi Arabia looks west
■View from the ship
Dry bulk terminals score high in survey


170517_Cover_P&H_1705 May/June

■India’s 12 port plan
shipping minister drives green agenda
■Eyes on overseas markets
South Korea eases investment hurdles
■planning priorities
Australia’s east coast looks to inland ports



■Team Work

Latin American VP to boost regional interest
■Yard yield
RTGs are key to port benchmarking study
■Silted Santos
Dredging weighs heavy on Brazil’s outlook



■New kid on the ‘block’
Ports join ‘chain’ in software revolution
■Dark side of digitilisation
Ports fight back against cyber crime
■Three pillars for growth
SG Milà speaks on ports’ sustainable future


■Hard hitters
Ports’ plans for hurricane protection
■Grimaldi on ports
Shipowner’s take on sustainability
■Shale expectations
Corpus Christi dredges for increased exports




Journal Ports & Harbors – 2016 (Vol. 61)

P&H_1601_Cover January/February

A giant challenge
ports try to keep up with magaship needs

Top port projects of 2016
Notable expansions and renovations

Soundings bring success
Hydrographics’ key role in Nigeria and Suez



Talk to your customeres
TT Club advices on VGM compliance

Asia’s winners and losers
Transhipment ports fight back

Carbon-neutral by 2020
Barcelona plans to cut CO2 to zero



■Watershed protection
Panama conserves and recycles

■Cool cruise
Terminal designs that inspire
■Demystifying risk
New insurance guidance for members



■The crux of the matter
Chris Trelawny speaks out about security

■Game changer
Automation plans for US and Australia

■Style and elegance
Salerno’s terminal tribute to architect



■The crux of the matter
Chris Trelawny speaks out about security
■Game changer
Automation plans for US and Australia
■Style and elegance
Salerno’s terminal tribute to architect



■Cuba’s waiting game
Mariel sits tight for power shuffle
■Each to its own
Shipping alliances seek hub security
■A tale of two coasts
Panama Canal expansion gives lines options




Journal Ports & Harbors – 2015 (Vol. 60)

page-000001 January/February

Major port projects
ports grow to match shipping’s evolution

■Look down for efficiency
Hydrographics help marline traffic

Engineering change
Women graduates to sea



■Asia Pacific focus
Expasions, upgrades and new ports

■Controlling traffic
Vessel traffic management sysytems in action

Earthquake alert!
Practising for disasters

page-000003 May/June

TEN-T connections
New money for three ports

■African ports
How oil praices are affecting East vs West

Rivalry continues
Charleston and Savannah expansions



■Port automation
Singapore goes 4G
US gate appointments
Marrying safety & efficiency
Five challenges for ports



Prince Rupert’ s expansion project
Cuba on the cusp
Brazil’s modernization 2.0 programme



■EU-IMO emissions clash
European rules may muddy the waters
■US ports clear the air
Pollution-beating is buoyed by success
■Bergen switches on
Norway’s frontrunner in shore power




Journal Ports & Harbors – 2014 (Vol. 59)

page-000001 January/February

Plan fit for a Prince
Rebuilding Haiti’s devastated port

Dust dampener
Controlling the effects of moving bulk goods

The rising tide
Sea level increase not just ports’problem



Ports and cities must cooperate

Ports without paper
Lisbon is making it happen

Safety and security
Evolving poets need comprehensive systems

page-000003 May/June

Electricfying equipment
Ports cranes reduce emissoions

Access to Antwerp
Making the rlver port attractive

Bridging the box gap
Indeia increases container capacity



Looking at alternatives
Pressure mounts for pollution cuts

Safer and cleaner
Automation is gaining ground globally

Protecting the whales
Dredging in a sensitive environment

page-000005 September/October

Port software
ROPES survey results are In

Improved vessel congestion and safety

Greer Inland Port
Generating jobs away from the coast

page-000006 November/December

■Informing on piracy

What’s happening – at a glance

■Ongoing policing
How Gulf of Aden is fighting back

Oil siphoning
Asian ‘splike’ ralses concerns




Journal Ports & Harbors – 2013 (Vol.58)

no01_h January/February

Hamburg hamstrung
Judges halt Elbe deepening

Manage the weather
Reduce your premiums

Pirates alley
West Africa’s vulnerable ports



UAE double act
Khalifa and Kizad bond for growth

Coastal lookout
Ports’ role as environmental stewards

Short-cut to savings
Can vessel route planning cut costs?

no03_h May/June

UAE double act
Khalifa and Kizad bond for growth

Coastal lookout
Ports’ role as environmental stewards

Short-cut to savings
Can vessel route planning cut costs?



■Congestion challenge
Dar es Salaam reaches out to hinterland

■Working with robots
Safety concerns in automated ports

■IAPH success
Competition winners revealed in LA

no05_h September/October

■Fuelling the future

Handling LNG bunkers safely

■Hot or cold?
Arctic v Suez in the race from east to west

■Repositioning for power
Wind energy lucrative for some ports

PH1311 November/December

■Agenda for gender

Women’s forum chair confronts issue in ports

■Cyber crime
Belgian agent responds to drug-driven hacking

■Re-planting paradise
Mangroves given second chance on Aruba


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