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Education & Training

International Ports and Maritime Courses 2015 and 2016 (TTPM International Consultants Limited)

Diploma in Port Management
(distance learning by IBC Academy)
Commences 27 April 2016

Diploma in Logistics Management
(tutored distance learning by IBC Academy)
Commences 13 April 2016

Diploma in Maritime Business Management
4 May 2016 | Tutored distance learning over 12 months

“Fundamentals of Transport Logistics”
Transport logistics explained for service suppliers and users - training course by tutored distance learning
Commences: 3rd May 2016


16-17 Feb RoRo Shipping Conference Gothenburg, Sweden
25-26 Feb 7th Intermodal Asia 2016 Melbourne, Australia 
29 Feb - 2 Mar ICHCA International Conference 2016 Barcelona, Spain
13-15 Mar International Maritime Transport and Logistics Conference “Toward Smart Ports” Alexandria, Egypt
22-23 Mar 8th International Conference & Exhibition USA 2016 Charleston, USA
7-8 Apr  15th Intermodal Africa 2016  Accra, Ghana 
24 -29 Apr 28th Annual Port State Control Course Southampton, UK
27-28 Apr  4th MED Ports 2016  Tanger, Morocco 
15-16 May 1st International Oil Rail & Ports Conference Tehran, Iran
19-20 May International Conference on Short-Sea Shipping:  Myth or Future of Regional Transport Le Havre, France
26-27 May  5th Black Sea Ports & Shipping 2016  Constanta, Romania 
30 May – 2 Jun 10th International Harbour Master Association Congress Vancouver, Canada
14-16 Jun TOC Europe Hamburg, Germany
27 Jun – 1 Jul 38th PMAWCA Council and 11th PAPC Conference Dakar, Senegal
14-15 Jul  14th ASEAN Ports & Shipping 2016  Bangkok, Thailand 
22-23 Sep  11th Southern Asia Ports, Logistics & Shipping 2016  Colombo, Sri Lanka 
4-6 Oct TRANSTEC 2016 St Petersburg, Russia
26-27 Oct 12th Trans Middle East 2016 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
17-18 Nov 16th Intermodal Africa 2016 Mombasa, Kenya

25-29 Sep International Congress of Maritime Arbitrators (ICMA) Copenhagen, Denmark