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Ports & Harbors  
Conference Proceedings  
Los Angeles, USA, 2013Busan, Korea 2011Genoa, Italy, 2009Houston, USA, 2007Shanghai, China, 2005
Meeting Documents  
Conference - Plenary and Board Meeting

Mid-term Conference &Board Meeting
Sydney, Australia, 6-10 April 2014
Jerusalem, Israel, 21-24 May, 2012

Savannah, U.S.A, Jun 7-9, 2010
Dunkirk, France, April 15-17, 2008
Mumbai, India, April 9-12, 2006
Charleston, S. Carolina, April 25-28, 2004
Abu Dhabi, UAE, April 20-24, 2002
Executive Committee (Exco) Meeting
To the Executive Committee (Dec 2009)
To the Executive Committee (Dec 2008)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, October 22-25, 2007
Shizuoka, Japan, October 9-12, 2006
Los Angeles, USA, October 4-7, 2005
Yokohama, Japan, January 10-13, 2000
Rotterdam, Netherlands, October 26-30, 2003
Kobe, Japan, October 14-18, 2002
Regional Meeting
Committee Documents  
Communications & Training Group 
Communication & Community Relations Committee
Port Finance & Economics Committee
Cruise Committee 
Port Safety, Security & Environment Group
Port Safety & Security Committee
Port Environment Committee
Legal Committee
Port Development, Operations & Facilitation Group
Port Planning & Development Committee
Port Operations & Logistics Committee
Trade Facilitation & Port Community System Committee

Data Base of IAPH Member Ports

Introduction to Maritime Law for Port Officials (Legal Committee, 2010)

IAPH Awards 2013
Winning entries for Akiyama, LA Open, Port Communications, Port Environment and Information Technology awards
Constitution & ByLaws

Annual Report

IAPH Promotional Brochure

IAPH Membership Directory

Special Committee Reports
Final Report on “Effects of the Arctic Sea Routes (NSR and NWP) Navigability on Port Industry” (2013)Demand & Requirements of the Offshore Wind Industry concerning Ports worldwide (2013)Report on IAPH Survey on Overweight Containers/Incorrectly Declared Containers (2012)Seaports and Climate Change (2011) |Port Community Systems Benchmark Survey (2011) |Report on Water Quality Issues in Ports (2011)IAPH/AAPA SURVEY RESULTS(2010)
PORTS AND ECONOMICS(2010)(Database)Best-Practice Case of solving Problems at the Port-City Interface(2010)
Introduction to Port Preparedness for Tsunami (2009)Report on Logistics and Intermodality Case Studies (2009)Small Island Ports (2008)
IAPH Tool Box for Port Clean Air Programs (2009)-Updated version of 2008 version, now including additional tools focusing on greenhouse gas(GHG) mitigation!
IAPH Tool Box for Port Clean Air Programs (2008)Forecasts of the World Container Throughput / Cruise Terminal Planning (2007)
Guidelines for Port Planning & Design (2001)

IAPH Resolutions & Positions

PIANC (2001)AAPA (2004)OAS-CIP (2005)ESPO (2012)AIVP (2015)

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