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IAPH Press Releases (since Jan 2011)  

4 December
 ・ New International Coalition of Navigation Infrastructure Associations urge “Think Climate”
15 June
 ・ 29th IAPH World Ports Conference – a Smart Conference in a Smart Port City

1 July
 ・ World Ports Climate Initiative (WPCI) Launches A Website Focused On Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) As Shipping And Introduces An Industry Bunker Checklists For LNG Operation in Ports
27 May
 ・ IAPH Applauds IMO for Adoption of Regulations Outlining Mandatory Verification of Container Weight

4 September
 ・ Shipping Industry Urges the IMO to Approve Container Weight Verification Requirement
20 May
4 March
 ・ Ports work together on cleaner fuels for shipping (IAPH WPCI LNG Fuelled Vessels Working Group)
1 August
 ・ IAPH Conference Vice President Arley Baker speaks in Tokyo to promote the IAPH Los Angeles Conference 2013
9 July
 ・ IAPH establishes a new committee on Port Finance and Economics to address new challenges and opportunities facing the world port industry
2 July
 ・  IAPH establishes a Women’s Forum Conference Component for the Advancement and Empowerment of Women in the Maritime Industry
18 June
 ・ Maritime Industry Asks IMO to Require the Weighing of Containers
8 June
 ・ The International Association of Ports and Harbors establishes new vision and mission statements, reaffirming the organization’s commitment as a leading international body of the global port industry

20 December
 ・ The International Association of Ports and Harbors sponsors the Internatioal Maritime Organization’s Asia/Pacific Regional Workshop on London Convention and Protocol, 14-18 May 2012, Jeju, Republic of Korea
12 December
 ・ Ports and Carriers United on the Need to Weigh Loaded Containers (IAPH/ICS/BIMCO/WSC Joint Press Release)
22 July
 ・ Member Ports of the IAPH welcome the International Maritime Organization's new mandatory measures to reduce greenhouse gases (GHGs) emissions from international shipping - By 2025, the IMO’s New Energy Efficiency Design Index standards will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% among ships that are 400 gross tonnage or larger

29 Jun
 ・  IAPH advocates for stronger anti-piracy measures and contributes to relief fund for victims of the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

1 Jun
 ・ The 27th IAPH World Ports Conference in Busan, Korea, provides an excellent platform for sharing best practices and experiences
IAPH adopts five resolutions on “container safety”, “port infrastructure development”, “ESI”, “piracy” and “the Great East Japan Earthquake” in Busan, Korea

21 Feb
IAPH Asia/Oceania Region meets in Auckalnd, New Zealand